What is Dragon press and how to do it?

Dragon press is a hard bodyweight movement, it’s a harder version of the dragon flag which already is so hard that most training people can’t do it. It is unpopular and there are very few people that have mastered it.
In this article, you’ll learn what dragon press is and its progressions

What is dragon press?

dragon press is a very advanced calisthenics skill where you keep your body horizontal, facing upwards only on your upper back and with your hands (fingers) at a hip level. It’s a progression for victorian and a great exercise to improve your front lever

Why is it so unknown?

The entry point to dragon press is very high, you have to be able to do a solid dragon flag and front lever which can take even years of training, besides that, it isn’t that cool looking like other calisthenics skills such as handstand or planche.


don’t bother with dragon press until you can hold good form dragon flag for 20 seconds, if you already can, you may even start with one leg progression


dragon press tuck

advanced tuck

dragon press advanced tuck

one leg

dragon press one leg


dragon press full


in each of these progressions the greater the angle of your legs to the ground the harder it is, so each training you progres by extending the legs forword and/or lowering legs.

progressions photos I got from this and this videos, unfortunately, the second one in only in spanish


first, find a progression where you can hold for 5-15 seconds (for example if you can hold 3 secs of advanced tuck you train with tuck) when you find the right progression then train it 2/3 a week. You can do it after your regular training session or focus your training only on the dragon press. If you have training specifically for dragon press, start with that progression where you can hold 5-15 secs and for 3-5 series hold as long as you can, after that lower your progression and do the same. If you still have strength do accessory exercises (dragon flag raises and others)

example workout for dragon press

straddle 3-5 sets for 5-15 seconds
one leg 3-5 sets for as long as you can
dragon flag leg raises 3 sets 8 reps

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