How strong can you get with calisthenics?

Because of their small sizes, calisthenic athletes are seen as weak, however, they can do things that a bodybuilder would struggle with.

Different types of strength

Strength is the ability to produce force against an external resistance. To test strength we have to perform a feat of strength, which can be benchpress, planche, or anything else. You can be strongest in the bench press but someone else is strongest in a deadlift, you can’t say you’re stronger than him because these are different things.

How strong can you get

After you know that you cant compare strengths between disciplines, let’s talk what’s the limit in calisthenics. Of course, there is no limit. Like in every other sport there is no limit to how strong can you get, you can always improve. The only limiting thing is your hard work, everyone can get stronger. In calisthenics, the strength you will measure by progression with added weights, longer holds, you can add more weights to pull ups or get longer hold in planche.

you can get strong enough to overcome gravity

calsithenics planche - how strong can you get with calisthenics

or lift your body weight with just one hand


If you’re training calisthenics you won’t be able to squat as much as a powerlifter or have bigger muscles than a bodybuilder, instead, you’ll be stronger in bodyweight exercises and have better overall control of your body.

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