Maximizing Results with Calisthenics Training Methods

What our training looks like depends on the training method we use. It can make training more fun and challenging, but also more effective or less time-consuming.

The training method is an important part of every calisthenics training and it’s important to select the best one for your needs.

In this article, you’ll learn about the best training methods for calisthenics and how to choose the right one for yourself.

What exactly is training a method?

The training method also called the intensity technique helps to optimize training for the better results.

By manipulating the number of reps, sets, and weights we can achieve much better results than by training with the standard straight sets.

Circuit training

Circuit training is a widely used calisthenics workout method due to its efficiency in training the entire body in a limited amount of time. This method involves performing a sequence of calisthenics exercises, one after another, with little to no rest between exercises.

Circuits can be structured in different ways, either with a focus on a specific tempo and maximizing reps within a set time frame, or performing a set number of reps for each exercise with no time constraints.

Additionally, circuit training in calisthenics can be easily customized to accommodate individuals at different levels of skill and fitness, making it accessible for beginners as well as more advanced practitioners. As fitness improves, exercises can be adjusted to include more challenging movements.

Pyramid training

The pyramid training method is another technique that can be utilized in calisthenics. It involves performing a series of exercises in a specific order, gradually increasing or decreasing the number of reps. The exercises are performed back-to-back with brief pauses in between each step of the pyramid.

This method is a great option for group workouts and can be applied to a variety of exercises.

Super sets

Supersets are a powerful way to train in calisthenics as they incorporate two distinct exercises that target different muscle groups. This combination enhances the overall effectiveness of the workout and accelerates improvement. A common example of a superset is pairing pull-ups with push-ups. This combination increases cardiovascular demand while reducing rest time.

Drop sets

Drop sets are a valuable training method that can be included in calisthenics workouts. This method involves performing a set of repetitions with a pre-determined weight, and then gradually reducing the weight, either by using a dip belt or weight vest.

Drop sets are highly beneficial as they not only improve strength but also endurance. By reducing the weight, you can perform more repetitions, challenging your cardiovascular system.

An alternative approach to lowering the weight is to make the exercise easier by transitioning to a stronger resistance band or by switching to an easier variation of the exercise. For example, increasing the height of the hands during push-ups.

Myo reps

Myo-reps is a type of training method that involves a two-step process. First, an “activation” set is performed with a lower weight that is lifted to the point of near-failure, typically in the 12-30 repetition range. Next, a series of lower-rep “back-off” sets, such as 3-5 repetitions, are performed using the same weight, with short rest intervals of 20-30 seconds in between. This process is repeated until the individual is unable to complete the targeted number of reps.

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