Is it worth to train legs in calisthenics?

Leg training in calisthenics is a controversial topic that has always divided the calisthenics community.

Some say that legs are useless for calisthenics athletes and will only stop your progress in static and freestyle.

The other side insists that the legs are equally important as the upper body and must be trained.

In this post, you’ll learn if it’s worth training legs in calisthenics.

Training goal

Whether we should train legs depends on many factors, the most important is your training goal


If you’re training recreational or to improve your physique then of course you should include legs in your workout to keep healthy body proportions and don’t look ridiculous

Static skills and freestyle

As you probably know, the heavier (bigger) your legs are, the more difficult it is to perform static elements, so if your goal is to maximize your results in skills and you want to give it 100% then you can get rid of legs in your training plan.

The same applies to people focusing on freestyle as skills are part of the calisthenics freestyle.

But I wouldn’t recommend doing that for anyone other than a professional athlete who makes a living off of his performance in competitions.

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