How to get wider shoulders without weights?

The shoulders are one of the most important body parts for a man. Wider shoulders add dominance and masculinity to a man’s physique, also woman’s sexual satisfaction is strongly linked to how physically attracted women are to their partner and the breadth of his shoulders, according to a study from the University of Albany. If you’re interested in how to get wider shoulders without weights, you’ll know what to do after reading this article.

Improve your posture

To get wider shoulders you don’t necessarily have to train, improving your posture will make your shoulders appear wider. Bad posture is not bad only for our health, but also for our appearance and how people treat us. Rounded shoulders put stress on the upper back and neck that can lead to muscle aches or even pain that needs medical intervention. Rounded shoulders can also promote headaches. Curving the shoulders forward reduces the width of the shoulders and is seen as a defensive posture, for example when the person is feeling threatened.

If you’re interested in how to fix rounded shoulders check this video

Get leaner

People with high body fat (especially overweight ones), might want to lose unnecessary weight. Getting leaner would increase the shoulders to waist ratio, thereby shoulders would appear wider.

Wider shoulders without weights

The two previous methods are not available for everyone, you have to have bad posture or high body fat. However, everyone can build more muscles. Check this post on how to bulk up with calisthenics. Many bodyweight exercises will help you get a wider shoulder without weights. Here are the best 3:

handstand pushups

same movement pattern as in the overhead press. It targets the main muscles for wider shoulders – trapezius muscles and deltoids

Handstand pushup is an advanced calisthenics exercise. To progress towards it you can start with an easier version of it which is the pike pushup. Pike pushups require some flexibility, if you’re not able to do one, start with pike pushups with elevated legs. After some time doing pike pushups you’ll be able to do wall assistance handstand pushups.

Video how to handstand pushup

Pseudo planche pushups

This is a pushups variation where you do pushups while leaning forward as in planche. When doing this exercise, hollow out the body, lean forward, and maintain the forward lean throughout the entire range of motion, keeping the hips slightly below the shoulders to maximalize tension on the delts. This exercise will be more challenging the more forward you lean

video how to pseudo planche pushups

wide grip pull ups

The last exercise is the best back bodyweight exercise. It also engages muscles for wider shoulders like deltoids, Infraspinatus, and trapezius. The primary muscle that wide grip pull ups focus on is Latissimus Dorsi. Big lats add the v shape to the body.

Wide grip pull ups might be hard for beginners. You can start with negatives or with the assistance of a resistance band.

video how to do wide grip pull ups


There are a few ways to get wider shoulders without weights – improving your posture, losing weight, and training. The third one is the most universal and available for everyone.

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