How to increase reps in calisthenics

Do you want to increase the number of reps in the calisthenic? If you don’t see any progress after months of training, you’re doing something wrong. In this article, you’ll learn how to increase reps in calisthenics.

Progressive overload

Training the same way all the time, without changing the number of repetitions, weight or frequency will make you plateau.

Increasing the difficulty of your workout is essential to progress. To increase your strength or muscle mass you have to challenge your body every training.

Let’s say you want to improve in pull ups, and your max is 5 reps. You might do 5 sets of as many as possible pull ups. For each training total number of reps should increase.

Weak points

Remember, you’re as strong as your weakest point. If you have difficulty in some specific part of the movement and that is limiting you from doing more, you should focus on that.

For example, if the lower part of the pull up is the most challenging for you, you might include scapular pull ups in your training, which will build strength in that range of motion and make pull ups easier.


More doesn’t mean better. You won’t be able to progress working out every day to the failure. Rest days are as important as training days.

It’s essential to give your body enough time to recover from training. Overtraining can cause fatigue, soreness of muscles, and different kinds of injury. Also, training without proper recovery will be less efficient.

You’re not getting stronger after training but during the recovery period. Rest allows your muscles to rebuild and grow.


Calisthenic is all about strength to body weight ratio. If you’re overweight, losing weight will make every exercise easier. Therefore, you’ll be able to do more reps

The same is for skinny people. A lack of the muscles involved in the exercise will limit your number of repetitions. Those people should be in a caloric surplus to build up more muscles.

It’s important to take care of your nutrition, and choose the right calorie amount for yourself.


Proper technique is much more important than the number of reps. As with everything in calisthenics, quality over quantity. 5 quality pull ups are better for your body than 10 kipping or half reps.

No one really cares about your numbers. Don’t lie to yourself and do every exercise with good technique.

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