Biggest calisthenics athletes

biggest calisthenics athletes

Calisthenics is associated with short and skinny guys that are very shredded. That’s because most athletes you see are like that.

Because of this, people of larger sizes think they are not suitable for this sport and cannot achieve anything.

But this is not true. Taller and heavier people can also train calisthenics and get great results.

Here’s a list of 10 huge athletes who have mastered calisthenics.

Jack Vinati

202cm/103kg 6’6’’ / 225lbs

He’s over 2 meters and can do a full planche!

Simon Imhäuser

185cm / 85kg 6’1’’ /  187lbs

He specializes in the freestyle

check out this battle

Vitaliy Feschuk

182cm / 99kg  6’ / 218lbs

Daniel Vadnal

183cm/85kg 6’/187lbs

You might know him from his youtube channel – FitnessFAQs

Amazing transformation

Tom Merrick

191cm / 89kg  6’3’’/196lbs

Tom merrick is another well known youtuber, he focuses on handstands and mobility & flexibility

Matvey Zlatoverkhovnikov

182cm/100kg 6’/220lbs

The last athlete on this list is matvey who’s the king in street lifting, he can do 195kg dip and 125 pull up

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