Outdoor calisthenics equipment everyone needs

The great advantage of calisthenics is that it can be practiced anywhere, so it is not worth limiting yourself to the gym or home.

Because there is nothing better than training in the fresh air, in this post you will find out the essentials of outdoor calisthenics equipment.

Pull up bar

Pull ups are the basis of calisthenics. The best way to do them is on a pull up bar.

You have several options when looking for a pull up bar for outdoor calisthenics training.

You can build your own outdoor pull up bar, but that requires you to get your hands dirty, which is not an option for everyone.

The next one is a free standing pull up bar. That’s a great choice for people that have some free space in the garden. The great advantage of free standing pull up bar is that it is not permanently installed and can be moved. You can keep it outside during the summer and at home during the winter.

The last option is a mobile outdoor pull up & dip bar that can be attached to the tree in the backyard. It’s a good choice, especially for people without much free space in the backyard.

If you can’t afford an outdoor pull up bar or you don’t have enough space, think about gymnastics rings.

Recommended pull up bars

Gymnastics rings

Gymnastics rings are the most efficient piece of calisthenics equipment you can get.

No matter if you’re a complete beginner or an advanced calisthenics athlete you can use rings to train every muscle in your body.

They come in 3 types – wood, plastic, and metal. Generally, wooden rings are considered higher quality, and also they offer a better grip. If you plan to hang the rings every session and bring them back home then I recommend wooden ones.

But if you plan to hang them outdoors and let them sit there for a long time, then you want to buy plastic ones because metal will rust and wood will deteriorate quickly.

Recommended gymnastics rings


Another great piece of calisthenics equipment for outdoor training are parallettes.

They are small and portable so you can easily carry them and use them even far from home.

Parallettes allow us to perform moves such as handstand push ups or planche with a greater range of motion than on the floor.

When training with the parallettes you put much less pressure on your wrists and you can make up for the lack of wrist mobility. For this reason, you will get better results with the parallettes.

Recommended parallettes

Resistance bands

While training calisthenics outdoor you can’t forget about resistance bands.

Resistance bands allow us to add more resistance to any bodyweight movement, which makes progressive overload easy – just change the band to the more resistant one.  Progressive overload is essential to build strength and muscles.

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Although resistance bands alone are a great way of training. They are even better when it comes to learning calisthenics skills. They are the best way of progressing with any calisthenics skill. You can use a resistance band to decrease the resistance in a movement while learning a new skill.

Learn more about the use of resistance bands for calisthenics skills

Recommended resistance bands

Weight vest

Weight vest can also be used for outdoor calisthenics workout.

In calisthenics, we progress by modifying the exercises to make them harder. But that’s not most optimal way of training, especially if your goal is strength or muscles.

With a weighted vest, you can easily progressively overload your training by adding more weight without changing the exercise.

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Recommended weight vest

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