Airwalk pull ups – introduction to bar dance

You’ve probably seen how people dance on the bar. It is becoming more and more popular. Airwalk pull ups are a great way to start with bar dancing.

In this article, you’ll learn what airwalk pull ups are, the prerequisites, and how to perform them.

What are airwalk pull ups?

Airwalk pull ups are the pull ups variation where, as the name says – you walk in the air. In contrast to regular pull ups, they require work of the legs.

Airwalk pull up consists of slow pull up and proper leg work so that it fits and looks like you’re actually walking.

They can also be done with music, where you move to the beat – this way it looks even more impressive.


Airwalk pull ups are quite advanced pull up variation. Before you think about them make sure you can do at least 10-15 regular pull ups with good form.

In order to not move only up and down, which doesn’t look good. You must be able to do archer pull ups and typewriter pull ups. This way you can effectively move in every direction – up and down as well as left and right.

Work on isometric pull ups – hold a position with bent arms as long as you can. Try different angles so that you build your strength in the full range of motion. That will help improve your muscle endurance and help with slow pull ups.

How to perform airwalk pull ups

Airwalk pull ups are not like other exercises that you just repeat exactly the same way all the time. It’s all about your personal preference and finding your own style.

Everyone has a different style and that is why this exercise is unique – everyone does it according to their sense of aesthetics.

There’s no right way how to do this, just hang on the bar and improvise.


few tips to improve your airwalk


Music will enliven your airwalk. Moving to the beat will make it easier for you to do something interesting, you don’t have to think and plan your moves, just go with the flow.

Record yourself

Record yourself and watch back between sets to monitor how it looks. By watching the recording you can see if you’re satisfied with the airwalk or if there’s still something to improve.

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